ISSUE 1 has arrived!


yay! x


I feel my heart start to tremble when ever you’re around

Merry Valentine’s Eve everyone! All the submissions to Magenta have been kindly received and I am going to have it finished pretty soon. While you wait why don’t you just kick back and listen to Carole King? Yeah.

M I X T A P E N U M B E R 2

– C H O O S E Y R B O O S T S –

youth decay – sleater kinney
target practice – henry’s dress
all nighter – elastica
these feelings – crush 22
laisse tomber les filles – fabienne delsol
animal girl – liz phair
bicycle ride – the never invited to parties
end credits – laptop

choose your boosts from jmarvellous on 8tracks

This must be the place…

This must be the place...

Here’s a nice picture by Tim Walker, which I have put here to look pretty, but also to give me something to post along with the message that Magenta Zine is coming along nicely and looking like it is containing all killer and absolutely NO filler. If you still want to contribute there is time, but not much time. Just drop an email to before 15th January.



P R U D E N C E   N E V E R   P A Y S  –  M A G E N T A   Z I N E   M I X T A P E   O N E

1) Ministry of Marriage – Twin

2) Pram – Omnichord

3) The Third Sex – Roy

4) Cay – Princes and Princesses (BBC session)

5) Lush – Light From a Dead Star

6) Kenickie – Acetone

7) The Delgados – Pull the Wires From the Wall

8) Saloon – Girls Are the New Boys

9) The Popguns – Waiting for the Winter

10) Comet Gain – Why I Try To Look So Bad


A statement of intent (or hello in other words).


This here is Magenta, in its online form.  Magenta aims to be a creative outlet for people lacking in creative opportunities, like myself and a lot of my friends. Whether that be using the written word or illustration or whatever, really.  Very shortly I hope it will become a physical entity in the shape of a zine and I also hope that lots of people will want to contribute to it, but even if they don’t I do.  So ner.

Currently I am trying to collate an issue with the incredibly loose theme of ‘women’,  cos women are great and it is entirely open to one’s own interpretation.   If you want to get involved then please do, I’m really excited about it!


Frances x